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DEDA™MISR - Scaffolds Types

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Movable work platforms: A movable work platform is a platform that can be moved, manually or by power, in either the vertical or horizontal direction, or both, and covers a range of types of equipment. The different types of movable work platform shown in the chart can be discussed in three groups: suspended staging, elevating work platforms, and platforms supported by other equipment.

Suspended staging (permanent powered platforms, swing stages, and boatswain's chairs): These are all movable platforms that are supported by line(s) from a building or structure, and can be repositioned vertically during use.

Elevating work platforms: An elevating work platform is one that self-elevates, and includes design features for lateral mobility (travel). If the platform travels under power when operated by controls on the work platform it is termed "self-propelled." There are two types of self-propelled units, those that are boom supported, and other designs, such as self-propelled scissor lifts.

Alternatively, if an elevating work platform is moved by hand or is attached to the deck of a powered vehicle, it is called a "portable elevating work platform." There are a range of types of portable elevating work platforms in use, from elevating equipment mounted on service trucks, to compressed gas power lifts that are moved by hand. Mast climbers that provide access to the face of a building, and that can be repositioned vertically as work proceeds are also included in this group.

Platforms supported by other equipment (lift truck supported, and crane or hoist supported): A platform that is elevated by another piece of equipment is not an elevating work platform, because the platform itself is not designed to be capable of elevating. Examples of this type of work platform are those that are positioned and supported by a crane, hoist, or lift truck. These platforms are movable, but they are not elevating.

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