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DEDA™MISR - Solar DEDA Tube - Solar Tube - Solar Lights - LED Tube

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Solar DEDA Tube

Day Light by SOLAR-DEDA Tube

A Green Building Product

Cost Effective = 0 and Fast installation



Day lighting devices for all types of commercial and residential applications.
The SOLAR-DEDA Tube day lighting device is manufactured with the following basic components:
Polycarbonate clear dome
Aluminum roof flashing
SOLAR-DEDA Tube fabricates flashings for roof slopes ranging from flat to 3/4 to provide maximum light collection all day.
Upon request, custom flashings are available for steep slopes as well as metal roof applications.
All metal fabrication is performed in-house.
Highly-reflective light-transfer tube with an adjustable option.
Domed diffuser or troffer with flat or pyramidal lens.
Other parts are available, such as curb and cap options, troffers, and dimmers.
SOLAR-DEDA Tube units easily withstand exposure to heat and hail in cooler climates. SOLAR-DEDA Tube units are tested and approved for small & large places.

Advantages of Solar DEDA Tube

Save up to 90% daytime lighting costs with significant reduction in both A/C heat load and run time with tube lights by SOLAR-DEDA Tube These high quality, cost-efficient tube lights by assist in conserving energy and money. No extra directional device in the dome is required to obtain maximum sunlight capture because SOLAR-DEDA Tube flashing mounts the roof dome in an upright position. Roof slopes ranging from flat to 3/4 can be accommodated. SOLAR-DEDA Tube lights have been tested in numerous projects as well as other places.

This suspended installation at a wholesale grocery store saved over 31,000 watts of fluorescent lighting.
This convenience store takes advantage of free sunlight with SOLAR-DEDA Tube lights in an acoustical, suspended ceiling.

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