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DEDA™MISR- Steel FootBridges & Pipe Racks

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Steel Bridges

DEDA™MISR design, manufacture and installation of Steel bridges - [Footbridges] bridges to cross the pedestrian - [Pipe Racks] bridges for pipe to transport liquids, gases and electrical cables in factories and companies

Steel Footbridge Specifications

Implementing the project of the footbridge in Sinbillawain City
The bridge Length: 22 M , Width: 2 M, Height: 3 M

DEDA™MISR design, manufacturing, supply and installation of steel bridges according to engineering drawings and designs provided by or to the company, as well as by the nature and the readiness of the implementation of the Project Site.

Pipe Racks

Hienz Factory

Arma Oil Factory

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SOLAR DEDA Tube Lights

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