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DEDA™MISR - Fruits & Vegetables Dryers

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Fruits & Vegetables Dryers

Size D1 D2 D3
Drum Sizes 152.4 x 365.76 cm 106.68 x 304.8 cm 81.28 x 182.88 cm
Surface Sq.m 35 Sq.m 20 Sq.m 9 Sq.m.
Dried Finish Product 300 kgs/hr 200 kgs/hr 80 kgs/hr

Drying :Juices SoupsVegetablesMixes Flour
AppleAsparagusBeans (Green)BiscuitApricot
Beans (Dry)Cereal (Infant)BananaChicken Broth
Mexican BeansCorn FlourMushroom (consommé) Beets
Corn StarchCranberriesPeaCarrotsFlour MixesMango

WebMail @dedamisr

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