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Rotary Furnaces

We specialize in the manufacture and installation of rotary kilns for burning and calcination of limestone, gypsum, sand roasting, iron granulation, thermal decomposition furnaces, coal kilns, drying ovens, salt drying and waste recycling furnaces using the highest industrial technologies and manufacturing components to ensure product quality in the worst environmental and operational conditions.

Furnace for the production of limestone

Decomposition process :  {
    CaCO3 → CaO + CO2(g) Reaction
    Calcium carbonate ← Calcium oxide + carbon dioxide.
  A stone produced from rotary kiln used in the iron and steel industry, sugar industry and other industries.
  Temperature range between 1250 °C and 1100 °C
Video of the oven during the final experimental operation.

Drying Furnaces

These furnaces are used to burn or incinerate the sediment and the temperature of these furnaces ranges between 120:400 °C. The temperature varies according to the final product. These ovens are usually used for drying vegetables, fruits and drying salt. And drying all that can be dried.

Drying furnace for Agricultural crops.

Produce fish and poultry feed
Temperature range between 120:200 °C
Video for the oven during manufacturing and initial experimental operation.

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